Civil Affairs

Upon the renewal of UNMHA’s mandate in July 2022, the United Nations Security Council, in line with United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 2643, recognised the importance of UNMHA’s engagement and consultation with local communities, including a diverse range of women’s organisations, to increase women’s participation in Agreement implementation and locally led peace initiatives. Following this, UNMHA established a Civil Affairs component of the Mission structure.

UNMHA engages with a diverse range of stakeholders at the local, regional, and national levels. The aforementioned entities encompass local representatives, community leaders, civil society organisations, and international agencies. This collaboration facilitates the dissemination of information regarding UNMHA operations to the local authorities and population and strives to develop and foster good relations. UNMHA’s Civil Affairs Team is actively engaged in supporting the development and strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations, as well as fostering connections between various organisations and actors.

Quick Impact Projects

Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) are small-scale, rapidly implementable projects that complement, rather than substitute, the longer-term development initiatives of other agencies and actors. These projects aim to contribute to peacebuilding at the level of local communities. UNMHA’s Civil Affairs Team works to identify projects that are aligned with the expressed needs of local communities and in support of the local authorities. The team assumes the responsibility of spearheading the management of the QIPs process.

QIPs are required to have certain essential characteristics, such as small scale, low cost, of a non-recurrent nature, non-duplicative; and not intended as humanitarian or long-term development assistance.

How to apply for funding for a Quick Impact Project?

To learn more about the criteria for QIPs or to obtain a QIP application form, please contact UNMHA’s Civil Affairs Team via email

Open Calls for Proposals

UNMHA is currently inviting proposals from eligible and interested organisations for projects that are open until 29 June 2023.

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