UNMHA Celebrates Successful Completion of QIPs in Hudaydah Governorate

Ms. Fathia Al-Maamari, Director of the Human Rights Office, in Providing Technical Trainings Courses and Toolkits for 50 women final workshop in Al-Khawkhah District, Hudaydah Governorate, Yemen. (UNMHA Photo/ YPN- Naseem Mohammed)

2 Jun 2024

UNMHA Celebrates Successful Completion of QIPs in Hudaydah Governorate

The United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA) marked a milestone with the successful completion of the two Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) implemented in Al Khawkhah and Hays Districts in the Hudaydah Governorate. These projects, designed to empower women and strengthen local communities, were celebrated in the presence of key stakeholders, such as implementing partners Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) and the Social Development for Hudaydah Girls Foundation (SDHGF), beneficiaries and local authorities.

QIPs implemented by UNMHA are designed to support the Mission’s mandate implementation by building confidence in the Mission, its mandate, and the peace process. QIPs are small-scale, low-cost projects that are planned and implemented within a limited timeframe.

Building Trust and Collaboration

The handover ceremonies, held on May 26th and 27th, 2024, symbolized a milestone in fostering mutual trust and cooperation between UNMHA and the local communities. The ceremonies represented the shared commitment to peace and stability in the region and highlighted the importance of inclusive approach to sustainable peace. Furthermore, these activities underscored the role of community engagement and the value of local insights in shaping effective strategies for achieving the long-term objectives set forth for UNMHA’s mission as mandated by the Security Council.

The presence of dignitaries, including the Governor, District Directors and representatives from various ministries at both events, underscores the unwavering commitment of local authorities’ to supporting UNMHA's vital work. This open dialogue will facilitate the Mission in enhancing trust and cooperation by collaboratively supporting and uplifting local communities.

Showcasing Impact of the Projects

The events served as a platform to showcase the tangible outcomes of the QIPs that benefitted dozens of female entrepreneurs in both localities. These initiatives will remain instrumental in addressing key challenges faced by women in business, such as access to capital, market linkages and business training. These projects are expected to play a role in reducing gender disparities in entrepreneurship, particularly in regions where women have traditionally been underrepresented in the business sector. The successful completion of these projects showcased not just the success stories of individual entrepreneurs but also the broader impact on societal norms and the economic landscape. They served as a testament to the resilience and innovation of female entrepreneurs who, with the right support, are capable of driving positive change and inclusive growth in their communities.

  • QIP 1: Provision of Vocational Training to Women-Headed Households in Skill Tied to Fishing Sector and Production of Perfume and incense

This project, implemented in Al Khawkhah, provided vocational training to 50 women in skills aligned with their preferences, including sewing, perfume and incense production, as well as business management. Each participant received a toolkit to support their entrepreneurial endeavors. This initiative directly impacts these women's livelihoods and fosters economic independence within their households.

  • QIP 2: Capacity Building and Equipping the Changemakers Foundation in Hays

This project focused on strengthening the Changemakers Foundation, a women-led organization in Hays. The project equipped their training center with essential tools and materials, allowing them to deliver essential skills training like project management, marketing and sewing. This initiative empowers the Changemakers Foundation to support not only the first 12 women who received the initial capacity-building opportunity, but also an estimated 80-120 women annually, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

A Call for Continued Support

While the Governor acknowledged the success of the projects, Ms. Fathia Al Mamari, Director of Human Rights, called for an expansion of the QIPs with a proposed budget increase. While her proposal highlighted the program's potential, the Governor provided necessary context regarding budgetary constraints. This candid dialogue underscores the dedication of all stakeholders to pursue enduring solutions with significant, lasting effects.

UNMHA remains committed to enhancing its engagement with the local communities in the Hudaydah Governorate as part of its mandate implementation.