Advancing the Women-Peace-Agenda in Hudaydah

13 Feb 2023

Advancing the Women-Peace-Agenda in Hudaydah


As part of UNMHA’s efforts to increase engagement with local community groups and advance the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda in support of the Mission’s mandate in Hudaydah, UNMHA’s Deputy Head of Mission Vivian van de Perre visited Aden where she held discussions with Yemeni women leaders, community groups and small businesses.

In a meeting with the Chair of the Yemen National Women’s Committee Dr Shafeeqa Said Abdo and her counterparts from the Committee, Ms van de Perre discussed ways of enhancing women’s participation in all aspects of peacebuilding in Hudaydah’s landscape. The National Committee reiterated the importance of incorporating women early on in the peace process while Ms van de Perre enquired about ways that the Mission could provide assistance to strengthen the efforts of women's groups in the governorate.

Ms van de Perre also met a number of representatives from the Yemeni Feminist Summit, with whom she deliberated on the impact of the conflict on women and the various challenges faced by women and girls in Hudaydah and Yemen. She assured the Women's Summit of the Mission’s continued interest in engaging them and listening to issues of concern to women.

While in Aden, Ms van de Perre visited the Yemen Handicrafts Association (YHA) where she viewed handicraft items produced by the small women-led business. The association's President, Anissa Tarboush informed Ms van de Perre of how the organization was working with vulnerable women, including those from Hudaydah, to produce the handicrafts. Ms van de Perre was impressed by the women’s work and expressed her keenness to advocate for women-led organizations such as YHA, to expand into international markets.