UNMHA Head of Mission leads verification patrol team in Hudaydah city

25 May 2022

UNMHA Head of Mission leads verification patrol team in Hudaydah city

UNMHA Head of Mission General Michael Beary led a verification patrol team in Hudaydah city today, accompanied by the co-chair of the RCC from the Sanaa authorities, General Mushiki.

The patrol team visited various locations and infrastructure damaged by the conflict in Hudaydah, including Hudaydah University - a vital tertiary institution in the Governorate. They observed severe damage to the university buildings and need for mine clearance and reconstruction of the university campus. The patrol team also observed a desalination plant, damaged by the conflict.

The patrol team noticed key routes leading out of Hudaydah city to the south, which were contaminated and blocked off for use by the local population. YEMAC deminers were observed working to clear the roads to give safe access to the population travelling in and out of the city to the south from the outlying fishing villages. 

UNMHA’s Head of Mission met and interacted with some of the deminers, who explained their harsh working conditions and the need for new demining equipment and personal protective wear.

He strongly reiterated UNMHA’s support to urgently advance mine action to protect innocent civilians against the devastating impact of landmines and Explosive Remnants of War.